Larry (larryv) wrote in weirdjews,

Yiddish lyrics to One Little Goat

So my mother had an odd request for me last night and I know this group is the place that can help me if anywhere can.

She is looking for the lyrics to "Chad Gad Yah" in Yiddish (as opposed to the aramaic). I have found a few YouTube videos and I have found a fe sites with general info in yiddish, but I have yet to find the complete song in Yiddish in text format. I searched for the operative phrase "געקויפט אַ ציגעלע" (bought a goat) and even "געקויפט אַ ציג". But nothing was quite right.

Can anyone help here? Do we have some yiddish experts in our midst? It probably doesn't help that while I can understand the language for the most part, and I can read hebrew, I have a hard time reading yiddish. So who knows, I might have already found the lyrics I just couldn't read enough words to quite make it out.

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.
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